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New U.S. State books available!

The Aaron A. and Maria H. Putnam Family Charitable Trust We have added several new kits to our collection thanks to a grant from The Aaron A. & Maria H. Putnam Family Trust! We now have available for checkout: two space kits (one aimed toward younger kids and one for middle graders), a beginner's American Sign Language kit, a kit for learning basic math equations, a kit about the human body, a kit that includes a 3-way school microscope and 48 prepared slides (plants, animals, vegetables, and insects), as well as new books on rocks & minerals, the human body, climate change, and edible experiments! 

Cary Library Memory Kits are now available for checkout! 

Library kits aim to help people with memory loss rekindle life experiences ( 

Story and Craft Time Program

On Wednesday afternoons Story and Craft Time is delivered through Facebook! Every Wednesday at 3:00 pm we will be uploading two videos--in the first, Miss Hayley will read a book to you and in the second she will take you through a craft related to the book. These videos will be prerecorded and will stay up on Facebook for a few months, so you do not have to worry about tuning in on time. The crafts will require materials you can find or substitute with items from home, but we will also have the needed materials bagged up and available for pickup during the week of the craft starting Wednesday morning through Saturday morning. We would love to see your creations in the comments of the craft videos or emailed to We hope you join us! 

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