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February 4th from 1-2


A Story of Courage and Survival in the Blizzard of 1952

By Cathie Pelletier


Pegasus Books | Hardcover | 9781639363414 | 6 x 9 | $28.95 | 280 pp. | History | January 3rd, 2023

Northeaster is an amazing piece of work and a riveting story. Incredibly, not only can this scenario happen again; one day it will. The storm is the framework, but the picture it holds is of the characters themselves, how they lived their lives, how they faced adversity.”  –Bernd Heinrich, author of Ravens in Winter and The Snoring Bird

Northeaster: A Story of Courage and Survival in the Blizzard of 1952 by Cathie Pelletier tells the gripping story of an epic Maine snowstorm that tested the very limits of human endurance. 


For many, the past few years have been defined by climate disaster. Stories about once-in-a-lifetime hurricanes, floods, fires, droughts and even snowstorms are now commonplace. But dramatic weather events are not new and Northeaster, Cathie Pelletier’s breathtaking account of the 1952 snowstorm that blanketed New England, offers a valuable reminder about nature’s capacity for destruction as well as insight into the human instinct for preservation. 

Northeaster weaves together a rich cast of characters whose lives were uprooted and endangered by the storm. Housewives and lobstermen, loggers and soldiers were all trapped as snow piled in drifts twenty feet high. The storm smothered hundreds of travelers in their cars, covered entire towns, and broke ships in half. In the midst of the blizzard’s chaos, there were remarkable acts of heroism and courageous generosities. Doctors braved the storm to help deliver babies. Ordinary people kept their wits while buried in their cars, and others made their way out of forests to find kind-hearted strangers willing to take them in. 

It’s likely that none of us know how we would handle a confrontation with a blizzard or other natural disaster. But Northeaster shows that we have it inside to fight for survival in some of the harshest conditions that nature has to offer.

About The Author: Cathie Pelletier was born and raised on the banks of the St. John River, at the end of the road in Northern Maine. She is the author of twelve novels, including The Funeral Makers (a New York Times Notable Book), The Weight of Winter (winner of the New England Book Award) and Running the Bulls (winner of the Paterson Prize for Fiction). As K. C. McKinnon, she has written two novels, both of which became television films. After years of living in Nashville, Tennessee Toronto, Canada and Eastman, Quebec, she has returned to Allagash, Maine and the family homestead where she was born. 


Library Holiday Children's Book Drive

Dear Friends of the Library,

We want to thank everyone who helped us add 338 children's books for our holiday book drive. The support from our community is overwhelming. 


Telehealth Services now available

Cary Library joins a cohort of 10 libraries across the state in providing telehealth services, a pilot program of the Maine State Library. Telehealth uses technology to provide access to real-time appointments with healthcare providers from a distance. Individuals who opt to receive telehealth care from their healthcare provider can now book the Telehealth Room at Cary Library for their appointment. The library provides a private room equipped with a laptop, camera, computer mouse, lights, headphones, and other technology relevant to telehealth needs. Cary Library is excited to be a part of the Maine Libraries Health Connect Program. Types of care that can be provided through the Cary Library Health Connect Program include wellness visits, requesting or renewing prescriptions for medications, follow-up appointments, consultations with specialists, nutritional counseling, mental health counseling, and other non-urgent conditions.  The Telehealth Room will be available for appointments beginning May 10th. For more information please call 207-532-1302.


New U.S. State books available!

The Aaron A. and Maria H. Putnam Family Charitable Trust provided the funding so we could add a complete set of U.S. state books, durable bound for in the Library and digital for easy availability by our patrons who need state information but are unable to come in. To access a digital book from your computer go to our website and choose media in the top left search box, then click ebook search and it will bring up a list of all available digital format books we have available. Choose the one you want to read at “click here to access eBook”. You will be asked for your user name and password.  User name is your last name and the password will be your library card number.   

New Take Home Kits available!

Rotary Club of Houlton provided a grant to the Library so our patrons can choose from fifteen Play and Learn kits for take home learning. Play and learn kits are for our very young children that are not yet ready for the phonic kits. These are hands-on with large durable pieces. Each kit will spark a conversation between the caregiver and youngster, activate imaginary play, cognitive skills, vocabulary development, gross motor skills, all while strengthening the link between play, early language and literacy skills 

Story and Craft Time Program

Starting Wednesday, October 6th, Story and Craft Time will be delivered through Facebook! Every Wednesday at 3:00 pm we will be uploading two videos--in the first, Miss Hayley will read a book to you and in the second she will take you through a craft related to the book. These videos will be prerecorded and will stay up on Facebook for a few months, so you do not have to worry about tuning in on time. The crafts will require materials you can find or substitute with items from home, but we will also have the needed materials bagged up and available for pickup during the week of the craft starting Wednesday morning through Saturday morning. We would love to see your creations in the comments of the craft videos or emailed to We hope you join us! 

Lego Club-We now offer Lego Club as a sign up only. Meetings are on Tuesday afternoons.

Lego Quest is for ages 7 and up. A theme based on a storybook will be chosen and Lego group members will be challenged to build something related to the theme. All Legos will be provided and space is limited. Please call Hayley at 532-1302 to reserve a spot and become part of the Cary Library Lego group. Starting October 5th!


We finished our Summer Reading program with 115 children and teens reading 2,568 books and earning 2479 badges. Great job everyone! 

The Cary Library will once again sponsor their ever-popular summer reading program in 2023.  This summer’s theme is “All Together Now”.  Registrations will be announced at a later date.  The program will run during the summer months.  This is a free program for children of all ages. 

Finding Your Way Around Your Beanstack Account

1.   The homepage of your account you will find information about the program. Below that are all of the badges you can earn during the program. Each badge will change from black-and-white to color once you complete it.

·      We suggest starting with setting your reading goal for the program. Go to “Activity Badges”, find the badge “Goal Set” and type your goal in the text box.

2.   If you have added multiple readers to your account you can switch between their accounts in the upper left corner of the site.

3.   Most of your work will be logging the books you have read. Click “Log Reading and Activities” in the upper left corner of the site. Fill out the information for each book you read.

4.   If you would like to virtually “report” on a book, click “Add a Review” next to the “Log Reading and Activities” button.

·      You may do a written review/report or attach a picture of something you’ve created related to the book (perhaps a picture you’ve drawn or a craft you’ve made). You will also be able to submit photo reviews to complete some of the activity badges.