Fourth Quarter Memorial List – October, November, December 2017

In Memory Of ROD BENN AND GORDON & CHARLENE BENN: The McCluskey Family

In Memory Of HOYT CAPOZZI: Jim & Michele & Sheridan McCordic 

In Memory Of WILLIAM COGSWELL: Frank Dunn

In Memory Of DR. ROBERT ELLIS: The Ballanger Family

In Memory Of DONALD “CHIP” FITZPATRICK: Michael & Peggy Kelley

In Memory Of ROBERT A. FITZPATRICK: Nancy & Francis Fitzpatrick

In Memory Of HELEN HAGAN: Jim & Michele & Sheridan McCordic; Andrew
Moores and Family

In Memory Of JERRE LYNDS: Wendell Guy

In Memory Of PAUL MCATEE: Jim & Michele & Sheridan McCordic; Phil & Carol Jordan

In Memory Of MAUDE “MOLLY” MOOERS: Andrew Moores & Family

In Memory Of PHILIP NASON: Phil & Carol Jordan

In Memory Of JUDITH OLIVER: Bert Dunphy

In Memory Of JAMES C. PEABODY: Frank Dunn; Barbara Pettit; Frederick & Beth Ludwig; Michael & Peggy Kelley; Ted & Iva Sussman; Nancy & Francis Fitzpatrick: Gary J. Hagan; Forrest & Ann Barnes; Woody & Joann Dunphy

In Memory Of ETHEL STILWELL: Leola Bishop

In Memory Of AUSTIN VERNON: Jim & Michele & Sheridan McCordic

In Memory Of SHIRLEY WARMAN: The Hartley Shaw Family