Second Quarter Memorial List – April, May, June 2017

In Memory Of  Murray C. Adams:  Fred & Beth Ludwig ; Roger & Nancy Smith

In Memory Of Marie Astle:  Robert & Judi Britton ; Wendell Guy ; David & Jane Guy

In Memory Of Catherine Bell:  Burt Dunphy

In Memory Of  Regina Blake:  Roger & Nancy Smith ; Kimberly Wright & Jody Dyer

In Memory Of James W. Brown Sr:  Bert Dunphy

In Memory Of Judy Cameron:  Skip & Mary Jane Cleary

In Memory Of Roger S. Casey:  Wendell Guy & Family

In Memory Of Timothy Cassidy:   Judy & Barry Putnam ; Varney Family

In Memory Of Jeremiah Crockett:  Aimee Million ; Bert Dunphy ; Mark & Jane Stile

In Memory Of Albertine Dunphy:  Gemma Bartley ; Great Books Group ; Iva Ted Sussman; Mark & Jane Stile ; Odette Ouellette

In Memory Of Hope Dwyer:  Gemma Bartley

In Memory Of Dolores Farrell:  Wendell Guy & Family

In Memory Of Louise Guillette:  Mark & Jane Stile

In Memory Of Wendell Harvey:  Jim & Lori Weston & Family

In Memory Of Jeffrey V. Howland:  Mark & Jane Stile

In Memory Of Larry Laing:  Joanne & Ritchie Gogan

In Memory Of Ruth Matheson:  Bert Dunphy

In Memory Of Lowell Paul McLaughlin:  Mark & Jane Stile

In Memory Of Fred Moorhouse:  Forrest & Ann Barnes

In Memory Of Ruby Patterson:  Cathy & Vicki & Families

In Memory Of Marilyn Prince:  Bonnie, Alan & Adam Hill ; Fred & Beth Ludwig ;  Madalyn Boutilier ; Mark & Jane Stile ; Ted & Iva Sussman

In Memory Of Albert Putnam:  Ted & Iva Sussman

In Memory Of Ethel Schools:  Bill & Betty Anderson ; Mark & Jane Stile

In Memory Of John Scovill:  Jim & Lori Weston & Family

In Memory Of Joseph Skehan:  Brian & Martha Stewart ; Gemma Bartley ; Nedra Hanson ; Russell & Karen Fitzpatrick

In Memory Of Patricia Banks Veal:  The Murray C. Adams Family

In Memory Of Edith Wright:  Darrell & June Malone ; Joann Gogan ; Ramon Vivian Putnam